Lice Removal Services

Our lice removal services in Louisiana include safe and effective chemical-free head lice treatment. Click here for more information on our services. Call us today at 225-910-8025 Baton Rouge office or at 337-230-0660 the Lafayette, LA office to schedule an appointment.

Education & Screening

Nitwits provides lice-screening services to various groups such as schools, day care facilities and more in Louisiana. We are also available to conduct seminars with your PTA and other groups to learn more about lice prevention and lice treatment.

Nitwits | Baton Rouge, Lafayette Louisiana

Nitwits provides safe, effective head lice treatment using all-natural products. Each appointment includes a head lice screening, treatment of the infestation and a complete comb-out. Nitwits provides a safe, non toxic treatment in about an hour and have a 30 day guarantee. We proudly service lice treatments in and around Baton Rouge and Lafayette, Louisiana.

What We Do:

  • Full-service lice removal for entire family
  • Same-day service
  • Performed by experienced technician
  • Use of all-natural products (Pesticide-free)
  • Head checks for schools, camps, and day cares
  • Guaranteed removal
  • Single treatment

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“We can’t remove every potentially harmful chemical exposure from a child’s life, making it imperative to remove those that we can.”

-Deborah Altschuler, National Pediculosis Association President

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  • To schedule an appointment, please call our Baton Rouge office at 225-910-8025 or the Lafayette, LA office at 337-230-0660. Please schedule appointments 24 hours in advance.